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We have developed a range of fully reusable, fully recyclable plastic kegs for the modern world. Aimed at producers of all sizes, a significant percentage of brewers do not track their beer kegs and casks. Refill cycle times are compromised because of a lack of an effective and affordable monitoring solution. Now with our plastic keg or our retrofittable tag solution, brewers can monitor each keg throughout the process from factory gate to refill, providing a secure track and trace system with industry compliant product traceability.

Our Plastic Keg in Black
Lightweight Plastic Keg

Plastic Keg An Introduction

The i-Keg is a simple yet powerful combination of two modern technologies, combining a modular reusable lightweight plastic keg with a smart G5 wifi enabled battery powered transponder. Working together this delivers a tracking and tracing asset management solution designed specifically for the brewing and on-trade sectors, delivered as a software as a service solution. Once signed onto our cloud-based system, the keg will track itself through each stage of its life cycle as it connects to the nearest network. i-Keg will send live updates directly to the clients laptop, PC or smartphone.

Our range of kegs (Patent Number GB2452599) have been comprehensively tested and comply fully with UK and European industry standards. The i-Keg offers a fully returnable and trackable plastic keg with a built-in keg management system, offering huge benefits when compared to traditional stainless steel kegs. With a lower impact on noise pollution, less weight, increased payloads, lower fuel costs and zero theft value, we offer technology of the future to protect investments and maintain the highest of standards, with a tenfold return on invesment predicted by year four.

As a sustainable product, focussed on delivering widespread benefits for the environment, we take our responsibilities seriously. The outer shells of our kegs are manufactured to be fully recyclable, meaning old shells can be recycled to form new shells, or as recycled material within another manufacturing process. The inside of our keg, the container, is manufactured with virgin plastic, as adding recycled plastic into that mix exacerbates carbonation loss due to structural imperfections in the plastic, an inevitability when mixing non-homogenous materials together. As a company with an ethos based around positive climate change, we will always strive to maximise efficiency, reduce noise pollution and reduce waste, to always ensure we meet and exceed our environmental objectives. Sustainable now and into the future.

Plastic Keg Features

Giving real time access to tracking status, product traceability and asset management reports without the need for the container to be physically scanned by brewery staff, delivery drivers or pub operators at any stage of its life cycle, our plastic keg with integrated tag will transform the product life cycle for the brewing industry. Tracking kegs in real time throughout its fill to empty to fill cycle with no manual input, you can improve keg turn times, boost capacity and turn stock to cash faster. Key features of our plastic keg and the built in tracking tag, as well as the product life cycle are explained below.
Plastic Keg Fleet

Smart Technology

Integrated, battery operated smart tag identifies each individual container its contents, temperature, orientation and location.
Plastic Keg Handling

Plastic Keg Life Cycle

Once signed onto our cloud based system, the keg will track itself through each stage of its life cycle, connecting to the nearest network.
Plastic Keg Fleet

Keg Durability

Our plastic kegs can transport, store and dispense beer in the same way traditional stainless steel kegs do now but with added benefits.
Plastic Keg Handling

Plastic Keg Lighter and Quieter

Our kegs are lighter than steel and much quieter, lowering the impact on noise pollution and lessening chances of impact surface damage.
Integrated Plastic Keg Handle

Integrated Keg Handle

Integrated handles with grips make our kegs more comfortable to handle than steel, especially in colder conditions and climates.
Injection Moulded Plastic Keg Shell

Realtime Updates from Plastic Keg

Management system gives brewers full access to keg when off site, tracking ambient temperature, motion and approximate fill level.
Reduced Weight Plastic Keg

Reduced Weight Keg

Less weight means increased payloads and lower fuel costs, with lower noise pollution and less chance of surface damage.
Plastic Keg Shell Construction

Plastic Keg Fully Recyclable

With an injection moulded two piece shell, our keg is fully recyclable with no scrap value, removing the incentive for theft.
Custom Plastic Keg Colours

Plastic Keg Branding Opportunities

Standing alone without the centre band, our kegs can be manufactured in any colour with rings in an accent colour should you choose.
Plastic Keg Branding

Plastic Patent Protected

A protected design undergoing over a decade of development and testing, our plastic keg is the first of its kind available to the brewery sector.
Plastic Keg Centre Band

Plastic Industry Standards

Our three piece keg design has been created for strength, based on decade of experience and testing, providing optimum durability.
Plastic Keg Rolling Rings

Plastic Tag Lifespan

The smart tracking tag in our kegs is powered by battery with a lifespan of around ten years, built into the keg itself with no way to detach it.
Fill your empty keg with product
Keg confirms its initial location
Keg transmits location onroute to destination
Keg confirms arrival date and destination
Keg confirms its ambient temperature
Keg confirms decreasing volume
Keg confirms when it's empty
Keg confirms pickup from location
Keg confirms journey back to brewery
Keg arrives home and is lovingly refilled

Want to know more?

Our brochure provides further information on the keg and our retrofittable tracking tag, along with specifications and more information. We welcome you to make contact, discuss the opportunities, and be part of the future, a new vision for kegs and the brewery industry.

Developing the
Future in Plastic Keg Technology

In partnership with the leading worldwide and domestic beer brands, we have developed the technology of the future to give environmentally minded beer producers total control of the beer that they sell, from leaving the factory gate to the point of sale, and return for refill. Our kegs are a unique and positive way to dispose of older kegs over time whilst making steps forward for our environment.

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