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A Word From Our Plastic Keg Founder

Having worked with some of the world’s leading breweries for decades, I know that recent years have negatively affected our industry beyond comprehension. Enforced downtime has, however, given product teams time to systematically review the efficiency of legacy logistics and standard distribution strategies. In the face of adversity, these challenging times have proven to be a catalyst for the rapid adoption of smart keg security and management systems. In partnership with leading worldwide and domestic beer brands, our technology infrastructure and recyclable keg body offers future-focussed and environmentally-minded beer producers total control of the beer that they sell, and a unique and positive way to dispose of older keg stock over time. From factory gate to point-of-sale, it is now possible to monitor transport logistics, location, product freshness, temperature and container availability, all in real time. By adopting i-Keg solutions, legacy problems relating to transport, management and quality control can finally be a thing of the past. We look forward to meeting you, and wish you and your teams a great year ahead.
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“From factory gate to consumption, it is now possible to monitor your plastic keg fleet in real time.”

Greg Whitehorne, Founder
i-Keg Plastic Keg
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Plastic Keg Quality Control and Improving Return on Investment

Aimed at producers of all sizes, a significant percentage of brewers do not track their beer kegs and casks. Refill cycle times are compromised because of a lack of an effective and affordable monitoring solution. Now with i-Keg or our retrofittable tag solution, brewers can monitor each keg throughout the process from factory gate to refill, providing a secure track and trace system with industry compliant product traceability. We predict a return of investment of 400% in year one with a tenfold return come year three.

Our range of kegs (Patent Number GB2452599) have been comprehensively tested and comply fully with UK and European industry standards. The i-Keg offers a fully returnable and trackable plastic keg with a built-in keg management system, offering huge benefits when compared to traditional stainless steel kegs. With a lower impact on noise pollution, less weight, increased payloads, lower fuel costs and zero theft value, we offer technology of the future to protect investments and maintain the highest of standards. Find out more through our site and meet our team below.

As a sustainable product, focussed on delivering widespread benefits for the environment, we take our responsibilities seriously. The plastics used in the keg can be recovered by mechanical recycling or by incineration with energy recovery. The outer shells of our kegs are manufactured to be fully recyclable, meaning old shells can be recycled to form new shells, or as recycled material within another manufacturing process. The inside of our keg, the container, is manufactured with virgin plastic, as adding recycled plastic into that mix exacerbates carbonation loss due to structural imperfections in the plastic, an inevitability when mixing non-homogenous materials together. As a company with an ethos based around positive climate change, we will always strive to maximise efficiency, reduce noise pollution and reduce waste, to always ensure we meet and exceed our environmental objectives.

Meet the i-Keg Plastics Team

As a team we are passionate about our products, the brand and our ethos to reach a new milestone in the drinks and beverage industry. The plastic keg and trackable tag is not a new concept, nor one which has been quick or easy to deliver. It is a solution which has taken nearly a decade of development, rigorously testing various polymers, production techniques and refining the specifications. In that time, we have built a team around us, of investors and shareholders, of people who bring experience and knowledge, and those who share our passion to make a difference, to the environment, to local communities and to the brewer.
Nick Elmslie at i-Keg Plastic Kegs
Nick Elmslie at i-Keg Plastic Kegs
i-Keg Chairman, Nick Elmslie graduated from Bristol University in 1978 with an Honours Degree in Chemistry. He joined BP as part of their graduate programme. Over the next 37 years, Nick developed his career in both business and finance roles. His last two roles where the Head of Finance for BP’s Downstream Business, followed by the CEO of BP’s Global Petrochemicals Business based in Shanghai. Nick retired from BP at the end of 2015 and now holds a number of nonexecutive directorships. The one public position is as a NED on the Board of the Finnish company, Neste Oy, who are the world leader in renewable fuels. Nick holds two other NED positions in pre-revenue start-ups.
Greg Whitehorne at i-Keg Plastic Kegs
Greg Whitehorne at i-Keg Plastic Kegs
Global Managing Director
Greg Whitehorne is the Managing Director of i-Keg’s UK and international operation. He has over thirty years experience as a senior business leader, and is the ex-managing director of a respected beverage wholesale business based in the UK. With decades of in-depth industry insight, and first hand experience relating to the challenges of beer and beverage management, Greg has been instrumental in the creation of the plastic keg and the technologically advanced caskets that exist in the market today. With various successful business enterprises, and ongoing relationships with many of the nations plastics manufacturers, Greg is instrumental in the day to day running of the business.
Louise Woodhead at i-Keg Plastic Kegs
Darren Duncan at i-Keg Plastic Kegs
Global Sales Director
Darren is the Sales and Marketing Director for I-Keg’s UK and International operation. Darren has over 30 years sales and marketing experience in several industries including hospitality, media and the brewery trade throughout the UK, Ireland and Spain. Over the last four years Darren has been successfully involved in bringing new keg solutions and brewing ingredients to the UK and Irish market. Darren is highly respected and trusted throughout the brewing trade for providing excellent service and support to all customers, regardless of size and volume. For any questions relating to our keg, the cloud management system or our retrofit tag, please feel free to contact Darren directly.
Louise Woodhead at i-Keg Plastic Kegs
Louise Woodhouse at i-Keg Plastic Kegs
Company Accountant
Based at the company headquarters in Linconshire, Louise Woodhouse is i-Keg’s company accountant and finance lead. She has worked with the company since June 2019, and is responsible for the day-to-day accountancy and financial management of the business. Louise is also a taxation tutor for Ideal Schools, a prestigious position that keeps her fully updated on developments at HMRC in relation to taxation rules and reliefs. Louise works with the management team and investors here at i-Keg to ensure that all financial affairs are kept in order, drawing on her extensive experience in accountancy practice and company taxation management.

Any plastic keg questions?

Should you have any questions regarding us, our product range or about our team, please feel free to make contact via the details on contact page or by phone. We look forward to meeting you soon.

Developing the
Future in Plastic Keg Technology

In partnership with the leading worldwide and domestic beer brands, we have developed the technology of the future to give environmentally minded beer producers total control of the beer that they sell, from leaving the factory gate to the point of sale, and return for refill. Our kegs are a unique and positive way to dispose of older kegs over time whilst making steps forward for our environment.

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