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17th August 2021

For hospitality venues and establishments based in densely populated areas, trade deliveries of wholesale beverages outside of normal working hours can be incredibly difficult. Retailers and freight operators have to work whilst being considerate to local communities, with noise levels one of the limiting factors in that choice of time. In many cases, with conventional stainless steel kegs, the amount of noise that those deliveries create make the scheduling of deliveries in the early hours of the morning unviable. But, what if those deliveries could be quieter, impacting communities and the wider environment to a much lesser extent? How would that effect operations and increase the benefits?

This subject was explored by the Department for Transport some seven years back, with trials held in the nation’s capital, later forming basis for their Quiet Deliveries scheme which still operates today. The principle of quiet deliveries is about enabling businesses and organisations to make and receive deliveries outside the main working day. This flexibility generates multiple benefits for all affected parties, such as reduced congestion, lower emissions and increased business efficiency. Many hauliers and distribution companies nowadays operate with quieter delivery practices, in some cases using electric vehicles, or with quieter, less disturbing processes. The video below from Transport for London explains the concept, and the benefits which adopting that concept brings.


Environmentally, quieter off peak deliveries offer many benefits, including removing delivery vehicles from peak times, reducing congestion on the roads and decreasing localised air pollution. Operating off peak allows for quicker transport times, boosting efficiency, whilst also decreasing the vehicle emissions. Less noise is also helpful in the daytime, having a lesser impact on surrounding businesses or those who now work from home, numbers who have increased significantly in the last year. By adopting our plastic keg to replace their traditional stainless steel counterparts, these hurdles pertaining to noise are overcome via the material itself, giving greater options to both the brewer and the haulier. Much quieter to transport, lighter to handle and with less payload for the same product quantity, the plastic keg really is the future in keg technology.

Plastic Kegs for Quiter Distribution
Introducing i-Keg Plastic America

Introducing Partners

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Launch at BrauBeviale

Now under a week to go, we will be exhibiting at the prestigious BrauBeviale trade show, unveiling our innovative smart casks and kegs, together with our new i-Spear, a truly revolutionary product aimed at brewer’s across the globe. Our products will forever change the way you market, deliver, monitor and control your beverage fleet. Our latest innovation, i-S...

Developing the
Future in Plastic Keg Technology

In partnership with the leading worldwide and domestic beer brands, we have developed the technology of the future to give environmentally minded beer producers total control of the beer that they sell, from leaving the factory gate to the point of sale, and return for refill. Our kegs are a unique and positive way to dispose of older kegs over time whilst making steps forward for our environment.

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