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Use the i-Keg calculator below to show the savings that can be made when using the plastic keg compared to the cost of using traditional steel kegs. Simply enter the amount of kegs in your fleet, the cost of your steel kegs, your average keg losses per year and gross profit percentage for the estimated savings in the first year, and over the next five years of ownership. The results from this calculator can be sent to you by email, so please enter your business information and contact details.

Your Keg Fleet Parameters

Kegs Required
How many kegs are you looking to purchase:
Steel Keg Cost
The cost you have received for steel kegs, per keg:
Keg Loss Per Year
On average what percentage of kegs do you lose:
Keg Sale Price
The amount that you sell each filled keg for:
Fills Per Year
The amount of times you fill each keg per year:
GP Per Keg
Your percentage average gross profit per keg:
Fuel Per Litre
Cost per litre of fuel for your delivery vehicle:
Miles Per Gallon
Miles per gallon ecomomy of your delivery vehicle:

Projected Plastic Keg Savings

i-Keg Steel Saving
Keg Purchase Cost
Loss in Sales Without Replacement (Year 1)
Transport Costs (Year 1)
Cost and Savings (Year 1)
Cost and Savings (Year 2)
Cost and Savings (Year 3)
Cost and Savings (Year 4)
Costs and Savings (Over 4 Years)
Keg Replacement Cost (Over 5 Years)
Loss in Sales Without Replacement (Over 5 Years)
Total Cost With Replacement (Over 5 Years)

Send Plastic Keg Cost Savings Via Email

Enter your contact details below to send information from the above cost caculator to yourself or a member of your team. Spread the word and show the savings that can be made when using the i-Keg compared to the cost of using traditional steel kegs.

Keg Calculation Notes

The calculator above gives a rough estimate of the cost savings which can be made when using the i-Keg compared to the costs of traditional steel kegs. This tool should only be used as an estimate, but provides a good comparison of the potential savings based on your unique numbers. This section aims to explain the calculations above and how we have arrived at the projected saving numbers.

The loss in sales estimation is a calculation based on your average loss of kegs per year and the profit lost from those kegs not being in service. This calculation uses your average gross profit percentage, the percentage of lost kegs, your keg sale price and your amount of fills per year, to tally up how much earnings you lose in the first year, and over five year from your keg losses, if not replaced. Using our i-Keg we expect and annual keg loss of 1% compared to much higher percentages for traditional steel kegs. Plastic has very little scrap value compared to steel, so thefts are lower.

Our keg replacement cost is a simple calculation based on your loss of kegs per year, and the subsequent cost to replace those kegs based on your purchase price. For ease of calculation, we assume a total loss of the percentage you have entered over the five years. The calculations above show you the projected savings both with and without replacement, making it easier to compare the options and the true costs of each.

Lease to Own Finance

Developing the
Future in Plastic Keg Technology

In partnership with the leading worldwide and domestic beer brands, we have developed the technology of the future to give environmentally minded beer producers total control of the beer that they sell, from leaving the factory gate to the point of sale, and return for refill. Our kegs are a unique and positive way to dispose of older kegs over time whilst making steps forward for our environment.

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