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Now in the production phase of product development, after years of testing and refinement, we are striving to make brewers aware of our innovative products, those that we believe will make a positive impact on the environment and the surroundings. With reduced noise, increased transport efficiency and fully traceable management, we aim to make legacy issues a thing of the past, for a better future.
Cellular Trackable Keg

Launch at BrauBeviale

24th November 2023
Now under a week to go, we will be exhibiting at the prestigious BrauBeviale trade show, unveiling our innovative smart casks and kegs, together with our new i-Spear, a truly revolutionary product aimed at brewer’s across the globe. Our products will forever change the way you market, deliver, monitor and control your beverage fleet. Our latest innovation, i-Spear promises to transform logistics operations by seamlessly integrating with existing container fleets. The spear harnesses Internet of Things (IoT) techno...
Are Plastics for Brewing Bad?

Are Plastics Bad?

19th August 2021
Working with plastics in the brewing industry for over a decade, we commonly face reservations to the use of plastics, with a prejudice that plastics are tacky or cheap when compared to steel. No doubt similar sentiments were expressed when the first aluminium and steel cask were produced to replace wood, or more recently, when electric cars entered the market as a replacement for the internal combustion engine. New technology always faces opposition, until the benefits can be proven and the solution becomes cost effec...
Introducing i-Keg Plastic America

Introducing Partners

18th August 2021
Working with partners around the globe, we are proud to introduce our sister company based in the United States. Engaging with brewers in a different demographic, but using the same core technology developed by our UK based enterprise, i-Keg Americas is headed up by experienced company director, Travis Bond, who has a wealth of experience in mobile telecommunications and network infrastructure. The operation over the pond will cover north, south and central, with the IoT technology in our keg and tag adapted for the re...
Plastic Kegs for Quiter Distribution

Quieter Distribution

17th August 2021
For hospitality venues and establishments based in densely populated areas, trade deliveries of wholesale beverages outside of normal working hours can be incredibly difficult. Retailers and freight operators have to work whilst being considerate to local communities, with noise levels one of the limiting factors in that choice of time. In many cases, with conventional stainless steel kegs, the amount of noise that those deliveries create make the scheduling of deliveries in the early hours of the morning unviable. But...

Latest Plastic Keg Photos

Now in the early stages of production and nearly ready for the mass market use, we are gradually building our collection of photos and media, showing more of our innovative and patented product. Our plastic kegs are currently available in one colour to simplify production, but custom colours are available in minimum order quantities. Contact us regarding a custom colour based around your brand. View a small selection of photos below and visit our gallery page to see the full range including videos, which will be updated regularly.

Developing the
Future in Plastic Keg Technology

In partnership with the leading worldwide and domestic beer brands, we have developed the technology of the future to give environmentally minded beer producers total control of the beer that they sell, from leaving the factory gate to the point of sale, and return for refill. Our kegs are a unique and positive way to dispose of older kegs over time whilst making steps forward for our environment.

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